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Do you have a passion for teaching and a fascination with science? In our science education programs, you can study what you love and earn a Bachelor of Science in Education degree plus a license to teach in grades 7-12. AU’s teacher training programs are highly regarded, so you can proceed straight from graduation to the head of a middle- or high school science classroom.

Professor Posner interacts with one of his students studying zebrafish

Are These Programs Right for You?

These programs are ideal for anyone who:

  • Loves delving into the mysteries of the natural world
  • Enjoys sharing fascinating facts about science
  • Aims to become a science teacher
Professor Saunders with students at Canfield Preserve

Learning Experiences

In your freshman year, you will observe a middle or high school classroom to learn first-hand what the teaching experience is like. Gradually over the next three years, your time in that classroom will increase, as will your responsibilities. Your senior year will culminate with student teaching, giving you practical experience as an educator.

You can also look forward to:

  • Learning in state-of-the-art facilities, classrooms and laboratories with modern texts, collections and equipment
  • Working with professors who are outstanding educators and well-respected scientists so you will be confident and qualified to teach science classes
Professor Hyman with a student in microbiology lab


We offer biology life science or integrated science education tracks. Each track offers different coursework, but both provide a strong foundation for pursuing a career as a science educator.

Learn more about the integrated science education curriculum by viewing the four-year curriculum guides for:

Graduate Outcomes

With your blended expertise in education and science, you can expect to start teaching soon after graduation. In fact, graduates of our science education program are in demand by schools across the country.

Student in biology lab using microscope

Career Opportunities

In 2021, the median income of a high school teacher with a bachelor’s degree was $61,820, which was only slightly higher than middle-school teachers at $61,320. The growth rate for jobs in this field is five percent. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Student in microbiology lab using pipette to transfer liquids

Contact Information

Corbin, Rebecca
Rebecca Corbin, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Chemistry, Geology and Physics; Professor of Chemistry
423 Kettering Science Center