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Biology Life Sciences Education Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Education with a comprehensive major in Biology (Life Science Licensure) Grades 7-12 is designed to prepare students for teaching biology at the secondary education level. It provides a thorough foundation in biology, including molecular and cellular biology, genetics, anatomy, physiology and ecology, among other areas. In addition to biology coursework, students also engage in education-specific courses focusing on teaching methodologies, educational interventions, instructional design, adolescent psychology and field experience in teaching settings. The program culminates in a student internship where prospective teachers gain hands-on experience in a classroom environment, preparing them to effectively educate and inspire students in the life sciences.

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In Person

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4 years


How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

Determining if this program is right for you involves considering your passion for biology and education, as well as your career aspirations. If you have a strong interest in biology and a desire to share your knowledge with others through teaching, this program may align with your goals. Additionally, if you are dedicated to lifelong learning, value continuous assessment and improvement and are committed to making a positive impact on students' lives, pursuing this teacher education program could be a fulfilling path for you.

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Sample Curriculum

This program focuses on equipping students with a deep understanding of biology while providing comprehensive training in teaching methodologies and educational practices tailored for grades 7-12.

Learn more about the Biology Life Sciences Education curriculum by reviewing the Four-Year Curriculum Guide and Academic Catalog.

For those looking for a more general science education curriculum, learn more about the Integrated Science Education program.

Dean's Scholarship

The Dean's Scholarship was created to enhance the undergraduate academic experience for new first-time and transfer students enrolled in a major within the College of Arts & Sciences. It is a merit-based, renewable scholarship of $1,500 that can be "stacked" on top of other awarded AU academic scholarships. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in unique academic communities with a focus on career coaching and preparation.

Can You Give Me a Glimpse of My Future?

As a high school teacher, you'll have the opportunity to inspire and empower students during a crucial stage of their academic and personal development. Your future in high school education will involve fostering critical thinking skills, nurturing a love for learning and preparing students for success in their academic pursuits and beyond.

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Stephen Denney
Stephen Denney, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Teacher Education
Associate Professor of Education
123 Dwight Schar College of Education