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Executive Doctorate in Leadership Studies

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Students who complete the Ashland University Doctorate in Leadership Studies will achieve the ability to:


  • Demonstrate knowledge of professional organization structures, policies, and procedures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of leadership strategies in various organizational cultures.


  • Demonstrate the ability to formulate and articulate a vision, as well as practice the ethical dimension of leadership in the vision’s implementation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and describe the skills of fellow professionals within an organization and empower them through intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to achieve their full potential.


  • Demonstrate the use and benefits of open communication across an organization.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the political, economic, social and legal aspects that can affect an organization.


  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate professional experience with scholarly research in order to bridge theory with practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and an appreciation for the benefits of reflective practices, scholarly activities, as well as personal and professional growth experiences.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and effective application of various quantitative and qualitative techniques to design and implement a study.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collect and evaluate data to inform and, when possible, improve upon the policies, procedures and practices of an organization.

Year 1

Summer Year 1 (May)

Organizational Development
EDLS 9889 (3)

Integrative Leadership *
EDLS 9800 (3)

Becoming a Researcher *
EDLS 9819 (3)

Orientation & Training on Blackboard

Total Hours - 09

Fall Year 1 (August)

Organizational Behavior *
EDLS 9881 (3)

Qualitative Inquiry *
EDLS 9821 (3)

Leadership Theory *
EDLS 9880 (3)

Mentorship *
EDLS 9830 (1)

Total Hours - 10

Spring Year 1 (January)

Human Capital & Public Policy *
EDLS 9888 (3)

Institutional Law & Policy *
EDLS 9887 (3)

Cognate ^

Mentorship *
EDLS 9830 (1)

Total Hours - 10

Year 2

Summer Year 2 (May)

Quantitative Statistical Analysis *
EDLS 9820 (3)

Mentorship *
EDLS 9830 (1)

Cognate ^

Total Hours - 10

Fall Year 2 (August)

Dissertation Research Design *
EDLS 9823 (3)

Mentorship *
EDLS 9830 (1)

Cognate ^

Mentorship Presentation & Comprehensive Exam

Total Hours - 10

Spring Year 2 (January)

Dissertation *
EDLS 9899 (10)

Total Hours - 10

*Hybrid courses meet face-to-face & online (asyncronous).

^Cognate courses can be taken anytime after admission to the program.The schedule indicates recommended but not required times.


Integrative Foundations 3 credits
Research 16 credits
Organizational Leadership 15 credits
Cognate 15 credits
Dissertation 10 credits
TOTAL 59 credits

Executive Doctorate in Leadership Studies

Accelerating Your Path to Executive Leadership

Are you a working professional or practitioner looking to complete your doctorate within a condensed time frame?

The Executive Ed.D. in Leadership Studies program is an accelerated, interdisciplinary doctoral degree program that allows you to complete your doctorate within two years.

What to Expect

The Executive Ed.D. Program in Leadership Studies is designed to meet the needs of mid-to-senior-level professionals who want to expand their knowledge and career opportunities. It combines theory and practice with individual mentoring and applied research to train you into a reflective, ethical, and effective leader.

In the Executive Doctorate program, you’ll experience high-quality coursework paired with individualized mentoring both on and off campus. You’ll engage in a rigorous process of research, inquiry, and site-specific practice for a well-rounded education meant to drive your career forward.

Program Highlights

Program highlights include:

  • Cohorts begin in May of each year
  • Core classes are held at Ashland University’s Columbus Center
  • Core classes meet two Fridays (4-8 p.m.) and Saturdays (8 a.m.-4 p.m.) per month, enabling students to work full time while completing their degree
  • Classes are conducted year-round and in a hybrid format (online & face-to-face)
  • Core classes are completed across four semesters (16 months) with the remaining time devoted to the completion of the dissertation (varies depending on topic and depth of study)
  • Residency requirements are fulfilled during the summer and scheduled well in advance to minimize work interruption
  • Cohorts consist of 5 - 15 students and draw from a diverse range of employment sectors (corporate, non-profit, healthcare, education, business, etc.)

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