US History Certificate Curriculum

Program Structure

Each course in the program is offered for two (2) semester credit hours. Courses are offered in two formats:

  • As residential Weeklong Summer courses during the months of June and July at our Ashland, Ohio campus.
  • As live online webconference courses offered on various schedules throughout the academic year.

The typical time to completion of the certificate program is 12 months to 15 months. Students may take up to eight (8) total credit hours during any one semester. Students may take up to two (2) concurrent fall or spring semester Live Online courses, and no more than four (4) during any one semester. Only one course may be taken at a time during summer semesters. Students may not take a Weeklong Summer and a Live Online course concurrently.

Students should consult with their program advisor to discuss their semester-by-semester load. All certificate requirements must be completed within ten (10) years from the date of the first course attempted.

Course of Study

Choose any nine (9) courses from the following:

Course NumberCourse TitleHrsPrerequisites
HIST 501 The American Revolution  2  None
HIST 502 The American Founding 2 None
HIST 503 Sectionalism and Civil War 2 None
HIST 505 The Progressive Era 2 None
HIST 506 The Rise of Modern America, 1914-1945 2 None
HIST 510* Great American Texts 2 None
HIST 602  European Discovery and Settlement  2  None
HIST 603  Colonial America  2  None
HIST 604  The Early Republic  2  None
HIST 605  The Age of Enterprise  2  None
HIST 607  America during the Cold War  2  None
HIST 608 Civil War and Reconstruction 2 None
HIST 609 World War II 2 None
HIST 610  American Foreign Policy  2  None
HIST 611  The American Way of War  2  None
HIST 613 Postwar America, 1945-1973 2 None
HIST 614 Contemporary America, 1974 to present 2 None
HIST 630*  American Statesmen  2  None
HIST 660*  Topics in American History and Government  2  None

* Course may be repeated as long as each instance is on a different topic.