Online Registration

Registration for upcoming semesters takes place via Self-Service.

See our instructions for online registration via Self-Service for a step-by-step guide to registration.

Please note that all tuition and fees owed from prior semesters MUST be paid prior to registering for a subsequent semester.

Choosing a Prefix

Effective with the Fall 2020 semester, the "AHG" (American History and Government) course prefix will be retired. In its place, most MAHG courses will be cross-listed under BOTH the HIST (History) and POLSC (Political Science) prefix. For example, let's say that the university offers a section of the American Revolution course. This one section will have one set of up to 14 students, one instructor, one syllabus, one set of readings, and one set of assignments. Some students in that one section may opt to take the course as HIST 501. Others may opt to take it as POLSC 501. Regardless of the prefix under which they register, all students will meet at the same time, have the same instructor, be held to the same standards, and complete the same assignments. The only difference is how the student chooses to have the course appear on their transcript. 

Students are free to choose whichever prefix they prefer, though they are encouraged to be guided by their goals for their studies. Students with specific occupational goals like becoming qualified to teach postsecondary courses in history or political science should choose courses and prefixes that will provide them with the content knowledge they will need AND the right number of credit hours in the discipline they wish to teach. The typical standard to teach postsecondary courses is a master's degree in the field or any master's degree with at least 18 semester credit hours in the field to be taught. A MAHG or MASTAHG student seeking to teach history should seek to accumulate at least 18 hours under the HIST prefix; those seeking to teach government or political science courses should seek to accumulate at least 18 hours under the POLSC prefix. Students seeking to qualify to teach both disciplines should take a mix of courses, keeping in mind that they may need to take additional coursework beyond those required for their degree to reach 18 hours in each field. 

Additionally, students seeking to teach postsecondary courses (particularly those seeking to teach political science) should also gravitate toward courses that will give them the curricular depth and breadth they will require. For example, a student who seeks to teach postsecondary courses in US national government should favor elective courses focused on the branches of government, civil rights, constitutional theory and history, and similarly themed courses. A student seeking to teach postsecondary history courses should seek out courses covering various time periods, including the colonial and founding eras, 19th century, and 20th century. 

We are available to help you think this through and make the right choice for your goals. Please don't hesitate to contact your advisor or the MAHG program office for guidance.

Registration Dates

Fall Semester

Registration for all courses begins around March 1st.

Spring Semester

Registration for all courses begins around November 1st.

Summer Semester

Registration for AHG/HIST/POLSC-prefix courses begins around February 1st. Registration for EDxx-prefix courses begins around March 1st.

Qualifying Examination

Complete the form linked below to register for the Qualifying Examination. Exam registration cannot be done via WebAdvisor.

HIST/POLSC 693 - Qualifying Examination

Research Methods Seminar

Students who plan to write a thesis or capstone project should attend the Research Methods seminar around the time they will reach 20 semester credit hours. Research Methods involves a one-time group meeting of about two hours in which the program faculty will introduce students to the research and proposal writing process. After the group meeting, students continue work on their preliminary research and begin writing their proposal working one-on-one with the research methods advisor.

Please note that the 20 hour mark is a guideline but not an absolute rule. Some students may be ready to begin the thesis or capstone project process prior to 20 hours. Consult your academic advisor for assistance determining when it is appropriate for your to begin.

Register for an upcoming Research Methods seminar

Thesis and Capstone Project

Students who are nearing completion of their thesis or capstone project should register and pay for the corresponding 4 semester credit hour course. Students need not register for the thesis or capstone project course until their final semester. Payment in full is due at the time of registration at the prevailing on-campus tuition rate. Students who plan to pay for their thesis or capstone project course tuition using federal or private student loans should submit their loan application to the Ashland University Office of Financial Aid well in advance of the end of the semester in which they enroll in AHG 691 or AHG 692.

HIST/POLSC 691 - Thesis

HIST/POLSC 692 - Capstone Project

Effective Writing for MAHG & MASTAHG

Students in this course will work to improve basic writing skills, with the specific intent of becoming more effective writers in general, and during their time in the MAHG or MASTAHG programs. The purpose of the course is for the student to develop an extended essay meeting at least the minimal requirements specified in the MAHG and MASTAHG grading rubric for content knowledge, analysis of, and interpretation. The focus will be on improving the organization, structure, and logic of written work; improving clarity and readability; and identifying and correcting errors in grammar and usage. The course is offered concurrently with other courses and may be taken more than once upon the recommendation of the chair. The student will arrange mutually convenient meeting times with the instructor. These meetings may be conducted in-person, by phone, or via web conference. Students will be contacted by the program office with additional information after the submission of this registration.

HIST/POLSC 6XX - Effective Writing for MAHG & MASTAHG