Parking for Students

Registered students at Ashland University who wish to park their vehicles on campus must complete all required registration forms before doing so.

  • Students who attend at least one class and do not work as full-time employees of the university are required to secure a permit for their vehicle.
  • Students who reside off campus and attend classes before 5 p.m. on weekdays are considered commuter students. They should secure a permit for their vehicle and register their vehicle with Ashland University Safety Services.
  • Commuter students whose classes do not begin before 5 p.m. on weekdays are not required to purchase a permit, but must adhere to the parking policies for students.

Students are permitted to have only one vehicle on campus at a time. The cost of a parking permit is $95 per year.

  • Commuter students who wish to register an additional vehicle may do so for a fee of $2 per vehicle (up to a total of three vehicles). A copy of the BMV-issued vehicle registration slip is required to register the second vehicle with Safety Services.
  • Resident students who change their vehicle must return the previous permit before a new permit will be issued. The cost for the new permit is $2.
  • The cost to replace a lost permit is $95.

If a student gets a new vehicle, please contact Safety Services to get your vehicle information updated before moving your permit to the new vehicle. If your permit is on a vehicle that is not the associated vehicle, you can be subject to a parking violation. Students are not permitted to register a vehicle that does not belong to them or their parent(s) unless approved by the Director of Safety Services.

Please refer to the parking policies section for additional details.

Registering Your Vehicle

To register your vehicle, please complete the Student Parking Registration Form. This form may only be completed online and is required for both the university and Ashland Theological Seminary campus. After completing the form, the $95 permit fee will automatically be charged to your student account. Please only register your vehicle once to avoid incurring extra fees.

If you are registering a vehicle with a temporary license plate, please fill out the information with the number on your temporary tags. Once you receive your new license plate, please contact Safety Services to update your permit with the new plate information.

Students at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences can obtain their permits at the Student Services Office in room 133 of College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

If you are a College of Nursing and Health Sciences student who is unable to pick up your parking permit at the Safety Services office on main campus, please reach out to or

Lot Assignments

Parking lot assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, based on available spots in the lot for registered student parking. When you register your vehicle you can request a lot to park in based on your resident or commuter student status. If the preferred lot is full you will receive a permit for the next closest lot available.

Contact Information

Kristine Lawson
Administrative Assistant, Safety Services
1st Floor Hawkins-Conard Student Center

After Registering Your Vehicle

  • Any commuter permits requested prior to July 15 will be ready for pick up after that date. Commuter permits requested after that time will require a 48-hour window for us to process them before they can be picked up. They will be available in the Safety Services office.
  • Permits for resident students will be available at the residence hall during check-in. If you registered prior to your scheduled arrival, the permit will be with your key at your dorm. If you have not registered prior to showing up on campus, please allow 48 hours for your permit to be processed. After that time, you can pick it up in the Safety Services office in the Hawkins Conard Student Center.
  • All reserved permits will be held for 2 weeks after the start of the semester for pick up. If it is not picked up within that time, the permit will be redistributed.
  • As a CCP student, you will also need to apply for a parking permit. Those permits are available in the Safety Services office.

Students who graduate in December may return their permit sticker to Safety Services before commencement to be reimbursed for $47.50.

Parking On Campus Without a Permit

Students who park their vehicle on campus without properly registering their vehicle and displaying a permit are subject to having their vehicle towed or immobilized without notice. The owner/operator of the vehicle is responsible for all associated fees. Ashland University is not responsible for any damage to vehicles that have been towed. Vehicles that are immobilized because the owner/operator has failed to register their vehicle will not have the immobilization device removed until registration is complete and a $25 boot removal fee is paid. There is also a $25 charge for vehicle lockouts and jumpstarts for students who park on campus without a permit.

Parking for Faculty and Staff

All employees of Ashland University are required to display a valid parking permit while their vehicle is parked in an Ashland University parking lot. To register your vehicle(s), please complete the Faculty/Staff Parking Registration Form.

After registering your vehicle, employees will be issued one permit free of charge which can be moved between vehicles you own and drive to campus. This permit will be sent through campus mail to the department and/or office indicated on the form. Employee permits will not be issued to students and cannot be loaned to or used by Ashland University students. Dependents of university employees must adhere to the student parking regulations and vehicle registration. Dependents are unable to use an employee pass for any reason.

Ashland University employees are not required to renew parking permits annually. Safety Services will notify the campus community shortly before a new renewal period begins.

Lost or stolen permits must be reported to Safety Services. Replacements for lost or stolen permits will be issued for $5 each.

Overhead view of a parking lot as a car is pulling into one remaining spot

Parking Appeals

Questions or concerns regarding a parking violation should be directed to Ashland University Safety Services. If the situation is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may submit an appeal. The appeal option will come via email within 24 hours of receiving your ticket. This notice will come with the information about your parking violation, along with the option to appeal or pay the ticket without appeal. If you do not receive the email and would still like to appeal your ticket, please submit an appeal using the Parking Appeals Form. Appeals must be filed within 72 hours of the parking violation notice.

The following violations and actions are not considered acceptable grounds for an appeal:

  • Lost parking tickets
  • Parking tickets issued for parking in prohibited areas for short periods of time
  • Failure to display a parking permit
  • Leaving vehicle flashers on
  • Not seeing parking signs
  • Not having time to find alternative parking

The appeal board meets twice a month to review appeals. Individuals wishing to be present to testify during the appeal will be notified of the date, time and location of the board meeting. The appeal board includes at least one student representative, the student intern for Safety Services and a member of Ashland University staff or faculty.

The outcome of the appeal will be communicated to the individual in writing.

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