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Art history as a discipline focuses on the study of works of fine art, applied arts and forms of mass communication in their aesthetic, social, economic, religious and political contexts. Art historians explore the meanings and purposes of the visual arts, their historical development, their role in society and their relationships to other disciplines. As the field of art history is inherently cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, its study illuminates the diverse and global world we inhabit and makes apparent the integral relationships between art and culture.

This minor not only gives you a foundational understanding of the history of art, it helps you to develop your skills of visual analysis, critical thinking and written and oral communication. An art history minor is a great complement to any major. However, it especially enriches the study of history, English, art education and visual art and design.

Closeup of exhibits at Coburn Art Gallery

What and Where We Study

  • Ashland University’s permanent collection of art and illustrations
  • Art collections in museums throughout the Northeast and Upper Midwest
Coburn Art Gallery. Set up for exhibit, without any people.

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