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Integrated Social Studies Education Program Overview

This major combines the strengths of the content area courses from the College of Arts and Sciences with teaching theory and practice from our College of Education. With guidance from professors who are experts in their fields, you will gain the confidence and capabilities needed to become a knowledgeable and effective social studies teacher. 

When it comes to content knowledge, you will learn how to teach from great teachers of those subjects. This modeling of good teaching helps form your teaching ability. In your education courses you will learn the reality of teaching, the pedagogical skills and research-based practices needed to reach diverse students and address their needs. You will also have many opportunities to be in the classroom, learning through first-hand experience.

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In Person

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4 years


How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

If you have a strong interest in understanding societal structures, political systems, and global issues, and enjoy helping students critically analyze historical events and contemporary issues, teaching high school integrated social studies may be a rewarding choice for you. Additionally, if you value promoting civic engagement, cultural understanding, and social justice, and are committed to preparing students for informed citizenship and lifelong learning, pursuing a career in high school integrated social studies education could be a fulfilling and impactful journey for you.

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Learning Experiences

Expect equal emphasis on the science of classroom teaching and the study of your content areas, including history, political science, psychology, sociology, economics and geography. You will enter the classroom to observe, assist and educate and will become more involved each semester. You will finish with a student teaching experience that will provide first-hand knowledge of teaching social studies in the classroom, from lesson planning to grading and completing accommodations and modifications for students. You become a teacher for a semester with the help of an experienced educator.

The number one priority of our faculty and staff is the success of students. Their mentorship, coursework and research will provide you with an excellent experience.

In working with them, you will:

  • Receive a personalized education in small class sizes within pedagogical and content area courses
  • Learn from experienced education and social science professors who are experts in their fields and caring mentors
  • Apply for the Ashbrook Scholar program through the Ashbrook Center. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to exceptional students of History, Political Science and Political Economy, including Integrated Social studies majors.
  • Participate in professional development workshops taught by professors for middle grade and high school social studies education

As a graduate of the Integrated Social Studies Education Program, you will have the knowledge, skills and licensure preparation needed to pass your licensure exams and start teaching immediately after graduation.

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Sample Curriculum

Learn more about the Integrated Social Studies Education curriculum by reviewing the Four-Year Curriculum Guide and Academic Catalog.

Can You Give Me a Glimpse of My Future?

As a high school teacher, you'll have the opportunity to inspire and empower students during a crucial stage of their academic and personal development. Your future in high school education will involve fostering critical thinking skills, nurturing a love for learning and preparing students for success in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Contact Information

John Moser
John Moser, Ph.D.
Chair, History and Political Science Department
Professor of History
254 Dwight Schar College of Education
Stephen Denney
Stephen Denney, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Teacher Education
Associate Professor of Education
123 Dwight Schar College of Education