Coronavirus response 2022

Campus Shield COVID-19 Assessment App

One of the tools that we believe will help us achieve this goal is the use of the Campus Shield smartphone app, which we are requiring for all faculty, staff, and students. If you do not have a smartphone, Campus Shield now has a desktop version of the COVID-19 self-assessment app for those without a smartphone or other portable device. The link is specific to Ashland University. Students, faculty, or staff simply need to use their AU ID#  as a unique identifier. Please visit Campus Shield Desktop link, take the assessment,  and print out the "badge" results page for documentation purposes. 

 You can download the app here:

In addition to its regular emergency features – ability to request a safety escort, send anonymous tips and receive campus alerts --  Campus Shield now has a COVID-19 self-assessment tool, which allows the user to screen for symptoms of the virus.

COVID-19 Self Assessment screenshot

The COVID-19 self- assessment is easy to complete: just answer a few questions related to any COVID-19 symptoms you may be experiencing. If you give symptom free answers, the app issues you a green badge that remains active for 24 hours. This can be shown to an instructor or supervisor who may inquire.

COIVD-19 Self Assessment badge

If the user reports symptoms, the app will pause the assessment and provide instructions for follow-up care. Please do not visit or move about the campus until you’ve been formally screened by a nurse or doctor.

A daily assessment must be completed. Results are completely confidential. The only data provided to AU is how many people have downloaded the app, completed daily screenings, and how many received a green badge or were instructed to get screened.

The enhanced Campus Shield is yet another step we’re taking to mitigate the threat of COVID-19 on our campus as we aim to be “Stronger Together, Safer Together”.