Third Year Students - Interact

Personalize your track from the opportunities within each column

Third Year Students ~ Interact

Career Track
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in the fields you are considering
  • Research employing organizations and graduate schools (if applicable)
  • Participate in job shadowing, volunteerism, campus employment and summer job/internship opportunities related to your areas of interest
  • Meet with Career Center for Life Calling to explore if utilizing LinkedIn fits your goals, update career-related documents, and work on career-related skills such as networking and interviewing
  • Maintain ongoing communication with your Faculty Academic Advisor
Calling Track
  • Update your Life Calling Coach on your career journey
  • Consider taking Occupational Life Calling BUS-152 Class 
  • Determine next steps on your Life Calling journey
  • Select and attend events sponsored by Career Center for Life Calling, Christian Ministry or other campus organizations. 
Spiritual Formation Leadership Track
  • Continue conversations around faith and career
  • Explore internship opportunities related to faith/career integration
  • Utilize the results of your faith based and personality assessments
  • Stay involved with a worshiping community
  • Maintain involvement with a faith-based small group
  • Reflect on your personal growth and development from mission trips and service opportunities


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