Diversity & Inclusion Student Organizations

American Sign Language Club
ASL is designed to assist anyone with communicating with individuals that are deaf, that are hard of hearing and individuals with cognitive disabilities. It is our duty to educate Ashland University students about the importance of deaf culture and ASL in order to diversify the AU campus and to improve the lives that are language deprived. The mission is to educate Ashland’s students about ASL in order for them to one day become advocates for deaf culture.

Black Student Alliance
The Black Student Alliance seeks to promote diversity, encourage leadership, and work for equal justice, offer assistance to those in need, and provide activities that strengthen the bonds between students in the African American community.

Brothers in Action
Brothers in Action is a student organization that was started by African American male students with the intent of providing a support system for other African American male students. This student organization also works to form and strengthen the bond of Ashland University males from different backgrounds.

Eagles for Pride  
The mission of Eagles for Pride is to work toward making Ashland University a safer and more inclusive environment regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, and community. In doing do, we hope to promote the preservation of human dignity and respect for all people.

International Club
The purpose of the International Club is to meet the social needs of students, both foreign and domestic, who are interested in international affairs; provide programs that will encourage increased awareness of world cultures among the campus and Ashland city communities; and give international students an opportunity to take advantage of the activities offered by the club.

The Melting Pot
The mission of this group is to unite every race, culture, and ethnicity under the name of Jesus Christ. This group has been developed to ensure that ALL feel welcome and loved. Members receive relatable and applicable steps for their daily walk with Christ. A bible study and a worship experience takes place every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.

UNIDAD is dedicated to creating, fostering, and bringing awareness about the Hispanic/Latin community at Ashland University.


Want to get connected and involved? Contact us at diversity@ashland.edu!