Residence Life FAQs

Looking to answer some of your questions? Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers!

When do I need to submit my housing application?
Housing application should be submitted prior to the start of the academic year. You can create an account and find the application for housing Students will start receiving their housing assignments starting at the beginning of July, and continuing again every two weeks till the start of the semester. The sooner you submit your application the better! Applications that are submitted sooner will give you a better chance of receiving your first choice of residence hall.

How do I request a particular person to be my roommate?
After completing your housing application at, a section call "Roommate Group" will appear.  You may select a roommate by creating a group.  Your requested roommate must select the roommate group.  When this is done, you will see a green checkmark next to their name in the roommate group.  Roommate requests will only be granted if both/all students select the roommate group. Please take note that individuals that are in Learning Living Communities (LLC) will be placed with students that are also in their LLC. If one roommate is in an LLC, you won’t be placed together.

I have an accessibility, medical or special need that Residence Life should know about in regard to my room assignment.
There will be a section on your housing application that you can put these requests in but you will also need to fill out the appropriate information that can be found here as well.

When will I know my room assignments and who my roommate will be?
You will receive an email from the Residence Life Office that will come to your Ashland email address by the second week of July.  

When do I move in and where do I get my room key?
You will pick up your room key in the lobby of your residence hall for new students Friday, August 23rd starting at 9am. If you move-in earlier, check-ins will occur in the Residence Life Office, HCSC 232.

Can I see my room before I move in?
Unfortunately we can't show you the exact room, but when you come for your orientation drive-in we can show you a mock room in your hall.

How do I request a room or roommate change?
During the first two weeks and last two weeks of each semester we are in what we call a room freeze. This just means that we don’t do any physical moving of rooms until this period ends. You can still submit a request and we will work with you making arrangements during the freeze. You can complete the room change request at

What is an RA?
RA's (Resident Assistants) are trained in community development and crisis management. Their various duties focus on the development of a secure floor and hall community. Each RA is responsible for organizing social and educational floor events, being trained in conflict resolution activities, responding to crisis, serving as a referral source and assisting with the adjustment issues that face new and returning students.

What is an AC?
AC's (Area Coordinators) supervise RA's and oversee the day-to-day operations of residence hall facilities. They serve as Student Conduct board members for residence hall disciplinary incidents. The AC's also assist with crisis situations and participate in an on-call duty schedule with other AC's. As a member of the professional Residence Life staff, AC's have an understanding and sensitivity towards the needs and interest of building a community of respect.

How do I become an RA?
RA selection materials will become available to students in October. If you are interested in learning more, attend you buildings Hall Council and/or talk to an RA or AC.


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