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Digitally Transform the Artistic Landscape

Do you want to become a practicing artist or enter the digital creative workforce? The Digital Art concentration prepares you for both.

What to Expect

With a Digital Art concentration in the Fine Arts program at Ashland University, you get a fundamental art education while you explore the vast visual possibilities born from the marriage of art and technology.

By enrolling in this program, you’ll be instantly engaged by the dynamic digital medium, propelling you on a path of technical, aesthetic, and conceptual investigations.

Digital Art Areas of Study

The various areas of study within the Digital Art program include:

  • Photo Based Imaging
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Digital Art / Mixed media Hybrids
  • Video Art
  • 2-D Animation

Digital Art Program Benefits

You’ll gain real world experiences including:

  • Internship Opportunities
  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Guest Speakers
  • Art Expeditions through Art Club