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This site is designed for district administrators, school counselors, and approved high school instructors. It also includes materials for your CCP Info Nights. We encourage you to explore by clicking each of the links above and to contact us with any needs you have. We would be happy to set a time to talk with you. Please scroll down to find our contact information.

Benefits of dual enrollment:

  • helps students more readily make the transition from high school to college
  • allows students to adjust to the intellectual rigor of college-level work while still in the supportive environment of their high schools and families
  • research shows that taking college courses in high school “has a profound, positive impact” for students of color and first generation students (Amy Williams, National Alliance Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, 2020)
  • can provide students with a clear pathway to college and graduation
  • helps administrators in under-resourced districts offer rigorous courses their schools might not otherwise be able to afford
  • helps administrators in under-staffed districts expand their curriculum selection
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The first step in deciding which courses to offer at your school is to determine which courses your staff may be qualified to teach. Please have your teachers who are interested in instructing CCP courses send their résumé/CV and unofficial college transcripts to Carla Coon, ccoon@ashland.edu. The chairperson of the corresponding college department will evaluate each applicant's credentials. To receive approval, teachers must have a master's degree in the content area or a master's degree plus 18 hours in the content area. Some departments may also require an interview with the department chair and/or prior college teaching experience. Once approved, the University requires official copies of the instructor's college transcripts on file; however, unofficial copies may be sent for the initial evaluation by the chair. The approval process typically takes place between January and April to allow the high school and University to finalize plans for fall offerings before faculty and staff leave for summer break. It also ensures that the new instructor has sufficient time to prepare for their first course.

Teachers with a master's in education but not in the content area are good candidates to teach Study Skills for the University Student, a three-credit hour course that benefits really any student, but especially new or young CCP students. EDUC 102 course description: This course introduces the study skills crucial to academic success. Emphasis is placed on practice in time management, listening, taking class notes, preparing for examinations, reading textbooks, writing papers, vocabulary building, problem-solving and utilizing educational resources. We also offer this course online each fall, open to students from any high school.


We would be happy to visit your school in the spring for an “Application Day.” We will walk students through submitting the online application and provide you with a list of students for whom you will need to send a transcript. This reduces the need for last-minute applications in the fall. Please contact Carla Coon to arrange a date, ccoon@ashland.edu.

For students who submit their application independently, please remind them to list their HOME, and NOT their school email address, when applying. District settings often block third party messages.

Additional Resources:

Increased CCP Scholarship - $4000!

All high school students (in the Class of 2024 and beyond) who are enrolled in the College Credit Plus program at AU and matriculate directly from high school into a baccalaureate program will receive a yearly $1,000 scholarship ($500 to be awarded in the fall semester and $500 in the spring semester.) This scholarship is renewable yearly (for up to four years or $4,000 and is stackable upon other scholarships and aid.)

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Email our team at collegecreditplus@ashland.edu.


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