University Policy

Ashland University will remain open for business each working day unless it is clearly impossible to do so. However, unusually severe weather may require that operations be closed or curtailed in the interest of safety. The president or the provost of the university may implement modified work schedules, changes to class schedules and/or the discontinuation of classes altogether as needed.

This Ashland University Emergency Closing Communication Plan will enable the university to communicate its operating status clearly and concisely during weather-related emergencies. University employees are expected to make reasonable attempts to report for work during severe inclement weather unless otherwise directed by the president or the provost.

University leadership acknowledges that the closing of campus and the canceling of classes due to weather conditions is not a perfect science, that weather conditions may change after a decision has been made and that weather conditions vary depending on geographic location. For this reason, the university believes that students must use common sense when deciding whether to travel to campus for classes due to weather conditions. The university recognizes that students are solely responsible for making the final decision regarding travel.

How to Obtain Information on Closing/Cancellation

University and Ashland Theological Seminary (ATS) students and employees and faculty members who teach classes on the university or ATS campus or at one of the university or ATS centers have several options for obtaining information on the cancellation of classes, the closing of offices and the closing of centers due to the weather. These options include the following:

  • The university website will list information on the cancellation and closing of classes across the top of all webpages. The message provided will contain a link to additional information.
  • Local radio and TV stations will announce the cancellation and closing of classes as information is made available. The Ashland community radio station, 101.3 WNCO, will also display a list of local closings on its website.
  • Emergency alerts, including closings and class cancellations will be sent to students, faculty and staff via the CampusShield app.
  • Announcements and messages will be sent to students, faculty and staff on the Ashland University portal.

The information provided by these options should be made available no later than 7 a.m. for morning classes and no later than 3:30 p.m. for evening classes.

Contact Information

Kristine Lawson
Administrative Assistant, Safety Services
1st Floor Hawkins-Conard Student Center

General Guidelines

Early Closing

Inclement weather conditions may necessitate an early closing. Such a decision will be communicated to each operating area through the administrative structure.

Essential Operations

There are certain departments and personnel that are essential to the continued operations of the university community. Such individuals must work during weather emergencies. It is the responsibility of department supervisors to communicate this to their employees prior to an emergency.

Pay Policies

Non-exempt, hourly employees who report to work will be paid in accordance with the employee handbook and federal wage and hour regulations. Non-exempt employees who do not report to work may elect to mark the time as unpaid or may use accrued unused vacation time or paid personal time. Paid sick time may not be used.

In the event that an exempt, salaried employee does not report to work due to inclement weather conditions, they are still accountable for ensuring that essential work be accomplished. Working from home or putting in additional, uncompensated time may be necessary to assure the completion of such work.

Plans for Delays, Cancellations or Closings

Any decision regarding the cancellation of morning classes or work will be made no later than 6:30 a.m. to allow students and faculty enough time to receive relevant information. Morning announcements will refer to Plan A, B or D as written below. 

Any decision regarding the cancellation of evening classes will be made no later than 3 p.m. to allow students and faculty enough time to receive relevant information. Evening announcements will reference Plan C as written below.