Join a brotherhood at Ashland University!

Fraternities at Ashland University allow students to become part of a collective brotherhood. The bonds they form with one another last a lifetime and the academic, professional and personal growth available to them enriches their lives for years to come. The potential opportunities are many and each one reflects the core values of the three fraternities on campus:


Lifelong friendships and memories are born through fraternity relations. Members participate in social events like date parties, fundraisers, community programs and interfraternal mixers. Men at Ashland University join fraternities because they want to create a sense of belonging and become involved in something greater, but along the way they forge connections that will last long after graduation.

Fraternity members at Greek Lip Sync Competition


Fraternities at Ashland University are run for and by leaders (and many organizations on campus are led by fraternity men!). Each chapter on campus fosters responsibility, encourages initiative and promotes engagement—all of which make a strong leader. Members are provided with opportunities to develop these skills and more as they work to make their campus community great. These include regular, dynamic leadership seminars to discover and refine leadership skills.

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The primary reason for attending a university is to earn a degree, so fraternities at Ashland University promote high academic standards above all else. Fraternity brothers work hard and have a collective agreement to succeed and support one another’s successes. Each chapter on campus promotes and recognizes academic excellence by offering scholarship programs and incentives, hosting study tables and providing academic resources.

Fraternity members at Greek Honors Ceremony


Fraternities at Ashland University give back to their community through philanthropic projects, locally on campus and in the community and nationally through the Greek community at large. Recent efforts by chapters on campus include fundraising for the ALS Association, the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Military Heroes Campaign and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. In one year, our fraternities completed over 1,200 hours of service for the local community and national organizations.

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Fraternities at Ashland University

There are three fraternities at Ashland University:

Current fraternity members may also join the fraternity leadership group on campus:

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