Enhance Your Ashland University Experience with Fraternity and Sorority Life

College fraternities and sororities are social organizations that offer members personal, professional, social and academic opportunities for growth. However, being in a fraternity or sorority is more than just wearing letters and attending social events—it’s about enhancing your collegiate experience, establishing lasting friendships and committing to the ideals of scholarship, leadership and service. At Ashland University, Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) encourages you to make a difference in the classroom, in the community and in your own life.

Our campus is home to three fraternities and four sororities. Each one boasts unique accomplishments, contributions and individuals. Our fraternities and sororities provide their members with essential skills and unique networking opportunities, while fostering a fun and supportive environment. Your brothers or sisters will be there to support you, guide you and help you achieve your goals. In time, you will do the same for new brothers or sisters who follow in your footsteps.

When you join a fraternity or sorority at Ashland University, you aren’t just one of many—you represent the letters you wear by being yourself. Diversity and inclusion are vital to the Greek experience. Your values and contributions will make a difference. We invite you to apply for recruitment!

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Mission and Values

Our Mission

Ashland University fraternity and sorority life, rooted in tradition and shared values, seeks to develop a supportive community of brothers and sisters that is empowered to lead and serve, creating engaged citizens of the future.

Our Values

Fraternity and sorority life at Ashland University has four core values:

  • Friendship
  • Leadership
  • Scholarship
  • Service
Greek Honors

The Greek Honors awards program applauds chapters and chapter members for their commitment to their mission and values and celebrates the accomplishments of the entire fraternity and sorority community during the year. Chapters are awarded in a variety of categories, such as service, academics, involvement, risk management and public relations. 


Achieve academic excellence with the support of your brothers and sisters in the Greek community.

Scholarship is a vital component of fraternity and sorority life. Each chapter at Ashland University requires students to maintain a minimum GPA ranging from 2.2 to 2.8 to stay involved. Membership in a fraternity or sorority includes membership in a collective, academic support system. Each chapter provides educational opportunities to help their brothers or sisters achieve their goals. Those opportunities include:

  • Academic resources
  • Regular study tables
  • Scholarships and incentives

Joining a fraternity or sorority is fun, but it’s also a great way to grow as a scholar. At Ashland University, the fraternity and sorority life community grade point average is consistently higher than the overall campus grade point average.

Community Grade Reports

The fraternity and sorority community grade point average is consistently higher than the all-campus average, demonstrating that fraternities and sororities provide a great environment for students to continue to grow as scholars.


Our fraternities and sororities perform service on a local, national and/or international scale. They help make a difference every day and you can be a part of it.

A driving factor of the fraternity and sorority life at Ashland University is service. Every year, chapters perform philanthropic projects designated by their national or international organizations.

In addition to individual chapters’ philanthropic and community service efforts, the fraternity and sorority community has adopted the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a community philanthropy. Funds from interfraternal events like the Greek Lip Sync are donated to the hospital to enrich the lives of others and help make our world a better place.

Community Service

Service is second nature to fraternities and sororities at Ashland University. While some organizations mandate a minimum number of service hours, most chapter members perform many more than they are required to. When you join a fraternity or sorority, it’s never hard to find an opportunity to make your community a better place.