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Fine Art Program Overview

Art not only fosters the human need for self-expression and fulfillment, it plays an important role in shaping the culture of a society. Creatives can express the beauty of the world around them, but also give thoughtful critique to our political, economic and social systems in varied and unique ways. 

Pursue an artistic career through Ashland University’s fine art program that provides you with a core foundation of art knowledge, both creative and technical. Seasoned artists and educators will impart critical thinking skills that will enable you to expand your artistic ability. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with one of seven concentrations:

Each of these concentrations is fine-tuned to provide a fundamental and personalized experience, with the end goal being your professional success.

You can also choose Art Education, which combines training in studio art with teacher education instruction, leading to teacher certification.

Merit-based scholarships are available to all students entering an art program at Ashland University. Review the scholarship criteria and submission process.

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4 years


Learning Experiences

Art classes are small so that you receive one-on-one attention from your professors. Every one of our professors has direct experience and education in the medium they teach. You will: 

  • Improve your artistic capabilities.
  • Explore unique methods of art creation.
  • Solve technical problems in creative ways.
  • Develop a unique portfolio.
  • Learn in well-equipped art studios with dedicated spaces for every concentration.
  • Advance your skills in critical analysis and acquire a deeper understanding of art.
  • Complete an art-related internship.
  • Showcase a cohesive body of your best work in a Senior Exhibition at the Ashland University Coburn Gallery.
  • Prepare for a post-graduate pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts degree.

You can also join the Art Club, a community of people who are passionate about art. Email for more information.

Art Class


You’ll begin your fine art journey with the Art Foundations sequence, which includes introductory courses in drawing, design and art history. Once you’ve established your foundation, you’ll take upper-level courses that cover a wide variety of media, methods and ideas.

Courses required in the fine art program include:

  • Western Art History I & II
  • 2-D Design
  • 3-D Design
  • Color Theory
  • Topics in Philosophy
  • Senior Seminar/Exhibition

To help you plan, details are available in the course rotation and four-year curriculum guides for the B.A. and B.F.A. in Fine Arts.


All art majors are required to complete an art-related internship. Opportunities include:

  • Art Saturdays Instructors        
  • Summer Art Camp Instructors
  • Coburn Gallery Assistants
  • AU Permanent Art Collection Internship
  • Painting Internship with State of Michigan Artist in Residence
Art Saturday

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