Apartment Housing

Ashland University offers 2 and 4 person apartments on their Ashland campus.  Two person apartments can be found at Miller Apartments and within residence halls (Kilhefner, Myers, Jacbos and Clark).  Four person apartments are available at Miller Apartments and the Apartments on Samaritan Avenue.    Students who live in apartments may select any meal plan, and students with senior status (90+ credit hours) may opt out of having a meal plan.  

Apartments are selected in the spring prior to the academic year through the apartment lottery.  The selection order for the apartment lottery is determined by a point system formula that creates a base number for each apartment group. The order for the apartment lottery is based on the base number. The apartment applications with the highest score will receive earlier lottery times and lower scores will receive later lottery times. 

See the Apartment Agreement, when applying for an apartment for the full set of details on the process.

Senior Apartment Photos

Senior Apartment Exterior     Senior Apartment Laundry Room

Senior Apartment Study Room     Senior Apartment Living Room

Senior Apartment

Senior Apartment

Senior Apartment

Senior Apartment

Senior Apartment

Senior Apartment

Senior Apartment

Floor Plan

Apartments on Samaritan Avenue
Apartment A
Apartment B
Apartment C


Emily Adam
Area Coordinator

Jerry Fenner
ARD, Second Floor

Tyler Sievert
RA, Third Floor

Allyson Lombardo
RA, Fourth Floor

Erin Frentsos
RA, Fifth Floor

Hannah Outen
RA, Sixth Floor

Shelby Starnes
RA, Seventh Floor

Maureen McKeown
RA, Eighth Floor

Jacob Nestle
RA, Ninth Floor

Hear it from the Residents!

"The senior apartments are beautiful and well-kept. My roommates and I love love to hang out in our spacious living room and cook together in our nice kitchen. The apartments are my favorite place I've lived on campus!" -Haley

"We love having a cozy space that we can make our own and live comfortably in. Being in an apartment has been a great outlet for allowing us to invite friends over and be together." -Tonya

"I love living in the senior apartments because it makes me feel more independent. There is a bigger sense of responsibility in an apartment and I love being able to customize it however we like!" -Paige

"I love living in the Senior Apartments because the apartment gives me more space, the freedom to cook all of my own meals, more space to entertain, private bathrooms, and more privacy. Living here gives me a better sense of independence and the confidence to move out on my own after graduation." -Molly

"I really enjoy the extra room that the Senior Apartment offers, it really gives you an opportunity to make it your own." -Katherine