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Barbara Schmidt-Rinehart earned a B.A. in Spanish and membership in Phi Beta Kappa at Ohio University, a M.Ed. from Ashland University, and a Ph.D. in...Read more

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Rosa Powers
I was born and raised in El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America. After I moved to Ohio, I returned to my home country many times to visit my...Read more

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Intrigued by the possibilities of studying a foreign language and want to know more? Here are some FAQs.

What can I do with a foreign language besides teach languages or become a translator?

Ashland University graduates with majors and minors in Spanish or French are currently pursuing careers in business, computer science, health services, law, public relations, publishing...More

Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages

We encourage you to navigate our site to discover more about our vibrant programs. Explore your possibilities and take advantage of the rich resources of language study at your disposal.

The department of foreign languages at Ashland University is fully dedicated to the study of French and Spanish languages, literatures and cultures, from basic introductory language skills classes to specialized courses for our majors. We also offer basic Portuguese and Latin language courses.

Our distinguished faculty guide students who have chosen to study the languages we offer, at any level, in understanding the experience of learning about other cultures through languages. When you step into our classrooms, you explore the world. Outside of the classroom, we help you continue your exploration through global education and student activities for language students right here on campus.

No matter what career you choose, if you learn a second language and culture, you'll have a real advantage in the global job market. You are not as competitive in English only – enroll in a language class today!  

Here’s the proof you’ll give yourself a competitive edge… 

  • If you speak French, you can communicate with people in 56 countries where French is the language of business, government and daily life.
  • Spanish opens the door to direct communication with institutions and individuals in 40 countries.
  • Spanish is spoken by 10 percent of the population in the U.S., second only to English.
  • Competency in a modern foreign language can let you roam far from Ohio, or help you build a strong career here at home.
  • You might be surprised how many Ohio businesses and institutions need people who are able to communicate across linguistic and cultural divides. Many offer signing bonuses to job candidates with foreign language skills.
  • French-speaking Canada is Ohio’s largest exterior trading partner, followed by Mexico.
  • The study of a foreign language strengthens analytical skills and can improve standardized tests results like the GRE and LSAT. 

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