Degree Type: BSED
What to Expect in the Adolescent to Young Adult/Secondary Program

The Adolescent to Young Adult/Secondary Program at Ashland University will prepare you for a deep knowledge of your chosen content area. You'll learn the skills to plan lessons, manage a class, and work as a highly trained professional in the...

Fall 2020 last semester to accept students in this program. The State has moved to the new Grade Band Primary Grades/ Intervention Dual Education Program (PK-5) . Students will either finish out their program or switch to the new PK-5 Grade
Degree Type: BSED
Fall 2020 last semester to accept students in this program. The State has moved to the new Grade Band Primary Grades/ Intervention Dual Education Program (PK-5) . Students will either finish out their program or switch to the new PK-5 Grade

Do you recognize the value of diversity? Do you want to help create a world where all students have access to the education they need?

Intervention specialists are perhaps the most versatile teachers in the field. An intervention specialist license in Ohio, obtained through Ashland University's Intervention Specialist program,...

Do you want to teach in order to make a difference?

The middle childhood level (grades 4-9) offers the opportunity to impact students who are undergoing the greatest and most rapid changes of their young lives.

Middle grades licensure provides the opportunity to teach in any two of four...


Do you have a special talent in music, art or foreign language? Do you want to become even more accomplished in those areas and then teach it others? The Multi-Age (PreK-12) program may be want you want. Multi-age teachers might teach in elementary, middle or high school buildings in their...


The Bachelor of Science in Education Primary Grades/ Intervention Dual Program (PK-5) prepares our students to teach in preschool to grade five classrooms. Students will gain specific knowledge of current theory, methods and practices through rigorous coursework and participation in inclusive field experiences.

Students who successfully complete this program...


Degree Type: Endorsement

The Early Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-5) endorsement is designed as an addition to an Early Childhood License, which would allow you to teach in grade 4 and 5 classrooms in all subjects. The program focuses on the unique developmental characteristics of the midde childhood student and teaching methods and strategies...

Degree Type: Ed.D.
Accelerating Your Path to Executive Leadership

Are you a working professional or practitioner looking to complete your doctorate within a condensed time frame?

The Executive Ed.D. in Leadership Studies program is an accelerated, interdisciplinary doctoral degree program that allows you to complete your doctorate within two years.


The Intervention Specialist Mild-Moderate graduate level, second licensure program is for licensed teachers seeking to teach children in grades K-12 with mild-moderate disabilities and educational needs in a variety of inclusive settings.

Is this program for you?

You already have a teaching license, but want to be part...

Degree Type: Ed.D.
Training a New Generation of Ethical and Effective Leaders

Are you a working professional in K-12 schools, higher education, government, or human service organizations? Do you strive to be a catalyst for positive change?

Ashland University’s interdisciplinary Traditional Doctorate in Leadership Studies program is designed to enhance your leadership...

Academic Catalog

The Academic Catalog is housed under the Office of Records and Registation


Summer 2021 Summer Institute

Learn more how to enhance your career and gain valuable professional development experiences at the College of Education Summer Institute.

Fulfill Your Future in Education

Whether you’re looking forward to your first teaching position or are ready to extend your classroom leadership skills, make Ashland University’s Dwight Schar College of Education your home for pursuing one of our distinguished degrees or licensure programs.

The Dwight Schar College of Education has been recognized as one of the elite teacher education schools in the country after receiving all positive marks from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

The Ashland Advantage

We proudly claim:

  • Accent on the Individual with small class sizes and passionate faculty mentorship
  • Innovative, quality licensure programs in line with state licensure and proven high pass rates
  • An emphasis on experiential learning with field experiences and internships that set each student up for teaching success
  • Quality educational leadership programs including one of the only programs in the nation that offers a school safety course specifically designed for school administrators
  • Unparalleled graduate programs for continued education
  • Countless opportunities to embrace the student journey and take advantage of campus life
  • Marketable minors in teaching and coaching for additional career opportunities

Ashland University Seal

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The Dwight Schar College of Education guides all students through innovative and diverse field- based experiences that are grounded in theory and result in skilled and responsive practitioners, well-prepared to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Our Vision

Student Learning Outcomes include:

  1. Apply theory and practice within a professional environment.
  2. Collaborate with stakeholders to impact the success of diverse individuals and organizations.
  3. Demonstrate pedagogical and content expertise when working within a diverse professional environment.
  4. Make data-driven decisions within a professional environment.
  5. Apply principles of integrity and ethical decision-making within professional environments.

Our Values

  • Guiding Principle 1: Practitioner- and Field-Based Experiences, Core to All Programs, Link Theory and Practice
  • Guiding Principle 2: Partnerships with External Stakeholders Broaden Insights and Support Student Success
  • Guiding Principle 3: Pedagogical and Content Expertise Lead to Positive Outcomes within Diverse Learning Environments
  • Guiding Principle 4: A Culture of Assessment Creates Avenues for Reflection, Leading to Excellence


The Dwight Schar College of Education at Ashland University is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), 1140 19th St NW, Suite 400 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 223-0077. This accreditation covers initial teacher preparation programs and advanced educator preparation programs.

CAEP is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to accredit programs for the preparation of teachers and other professional school personnel. These two agencies serve to (a) assure the public that Ashland University offers an educator preparation program that meets national standards of quality, (b) ensure that children and youth are served by well-prepared school personnel, and (c) advance the teaching profession through the improvement of teacher education programs. Licensure requirements are subject to the authority of the Ohio State Department of Education and Ohio law. Course and field experiences may change, subject to requirements approved by Ohio law.

Ashland University's educator preparation programs have been approved by the Ohio Board of Regents. These include all applicable degree, licensure and endorsement programs offered through the College of Education.

National Report Card

Title II, section 207, of the 1998 Amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965, requires that institutions of higher education that conduct teacher preparation programs must report their licensure test pass rate to the public. The Ashland University and Ohio licensure test pass rate information is available at this website: https://title2.ed.gov/Public/Report/FullReport/FullReport.aspx?p=3_22&i=063396

Learn More About Our Candidates and Graduates

Do you want to learn more about our candidates' performance while completing their programs and after they have begun teaching or taken on the responsibilities of building principals? Go to the Educator Preparation Performance Report, a document developed by the Ohio Board of Regents that includes information about all of Ohio's educator prepartion programs.