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Making You More Marketable

Are you an education major seeking a minor to complement your degree and make yourself more marketable? Pursue one of Ashland University’s many minors to expand your education and increase your appeal to potential employers.

Teacher + Coaching Minor

18-22 credit hours

Are you looking to teach but have also always wanted to be a coach? Pursue any teaching license and add on the Coaching Minor.

Required classes include:

  • Foundations of Coaching
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise Science
  • Leadership: Theory & Practice
  • Psychology of Sport and Coaching

Teacher + Minor in Online Teaching and Instructional Technology

6 credit hours above Education Major; 12 credit hours for other majors

Do you want to teach online? By adding 6 credits to your program of study as an education major, you can minor in Online Teaching and Instructional Technology. This minor will help equip you to flip your classroom, create online instructional materials and assessment, and even teach for an online K-12 school.

Required classes for education majors include:

  • Instructional Design & Online Interaction
  • Online Assessment & Learning Management Systems

Teacher + Spanish Minor

15 credit hours

Are you looking to expand your foreign language aptitude in order to grow your skills and improve your communication? Minoring in Spanish will prepare you to accurately communicate with Spanish-speaking English language learners and their parents.

Required classes depend on your Spanish proficiency when you enter Ashland University.

Teacher + Religion Minor

12 credit hours

Is your goal to teach in a Christian or Parochial school? Pursue a Religion minor to invest in your faith and prepare you to teach in a faith-based school.