Internship Opportunities for
Math & Computer Science Students

As an Ashland University Mathematics & Computer Science student, you will have the opportunity to gain experience during college. We have established relationships with organizations around the state of Ohio that help students acquire real-world experience, preparing them for their career after graduation. Not only will you have the opportunity to sharpen your skills, but you will also be able to use your internship for course credit!

Where Our Students Are Interning

Emily Law, Senior, double major Mathematics and Physics, is completing a research position in the REU program at the University of Rochester the summer of 2017. She is working with a research group that uses lasers to trap and cool nanparticles.

Renee Lucas, Sophomore, Computer Science major, has accepted an intership with First Energy as a Networking Intern for summer 2018.

Kelly Fullin, Sophomore, double major Mathemtics and Computer Science, was offered and has accepted a research position in the REU program at Ohio Wesleyan University the summer of 2017. Her research project is in the field of computational neuroscience.

Nathan Ahrens, Junior, Computer Science Internship. Ashland University, IT Department, Summer 2017.

Rupesh Maharjan, 2016 Computer Science Internship, J.M. Smucker in Data Services, Solutions Development in the Information Services department.

Michael Byndas, 2016, Actuary Internship, Westfield Insurance

Michael Hudec, 2016, Actuary Internship, Employee Benefits at Benchmark Insurance.

Michael Byndas, 2016, Actuary Internship with Property and Casualty Department at Westfield Insurance, Cleveland, OH

Dylan Moats, 2014-2016, Ashland University Student Affairs Technology Intern, Ashland, OH

Alex Gregory, 2015, Federal Government Agency, Washington, DC

Daniel Griffith, 2015, IT Company, Cleveland, OH

Rupesh Maharjan, 2015 and 2016, Data Services Team in IT Department at J.M. Smuckers

Joel Moseman, 2014, Secondary Marketing Intern, Union Home Mortgage

Paul Pernici, 2014, J.M. Smuckers
Garrett Tresch, 2014, Actuary Intern, Findley-Davies, Cleveland, Ohio

Morgan Mirtes, 2013, Programming intern, Spire Advertising, Ashland, Ohio 

Kenneth Bogner, 2013-14, Application Development/Web Intern, Ashland University - Student Affairs

Candace Goodson, 2013, Actuary Intern, Towers-Watson

Clay Harris, 2013, Actuary Intern, Washington, DC
Kenneth Bogner, 2012-13, Software Engineering Intern, Bird Technologies

Thomas Conti, 2012, Automated Testing Environment Engineering Intern, AMD

Jim Huang, 2012, Software Development Intern, Quicken Loans

Morgan Mirtes, 2012, SCaN Summer Intern, NASA Glenn Research Center

Anne Payne, 2012, SUMSRI (Student Research Experience) at Miami University, Miami, OH

Matthew Smithburger, 2012, Interface Development Intern, Rosetta Marketing

Tom Conti, 2011, IT Department Intern, J.M. Smucker's

Matthew Smithburger, 2011, IT Department Intern, J.M. Smucker's

Jeremy Mio, J.M. Smucker's

Nicole Peterson, IT Company

Matthew Uebel, Pump Grump, Mansfield, OH

Wes Lewis, 2003-2005, Technology Intern for Ashland University Student Affairs, Ashland, OH

Jenise Smalley, 2003, REU at University of Utah

Internship Opportunities


Looking to fill or create an internship?

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