International Collaboration Research Center

International Collaboration Research CenterThe Ashland University International Collaboration Research Center connects talented undergraduate researchers with a worldwide network of social scientists to help tackle some of the largest collaborative projects ever undertaken in psychological science and related fields.

Since 2015 faculty and students associated with the AUICRC have actively contributed to a wide range of exciting collaborative initiatives, such as:

The Reproducibility Project: Psychology

APS’s Registered Replication Reports

Many Labs 3, 4, & 5

To date, we have collaborated with over 300 researchers in 18 countries, and these projects have resulted in 4 Ashland University undergraduate students earning co-authorship on 2 articles that have over 1,200 total citations in the published literature.

Please navigate the links at the left of this page to learn more about our current projects, our research assistants, our scholarship program, and other activities related to the AUICRC.

Dr. Christopher Chartier, AUICRC Director