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The process for earning academic credit for your internship or work experience

Dauch College of Business and Economics prides itself in being among the select business schools nationally who require all its BSBA students, regardless of their majors, to complete an internship or work experience as a graduation requirement.  The requirement, however, is not an overwhelming hurdle in the way of their timely graduation.  Necessary support and resources are provided to assist students find opportunities that fit their academic and career goals and earn academic credit. This video provides an overview of the business internship program for the current students to facilitate their accomplishment of this important milestone of their business academic career at Ashland University.

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A photo of Jacob
This Summer of 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sherwin Williams. I was located in Columbus, Ohio and worked for the Reed Road Store. I had the privilege to learn more about store management through customer relations and knowing the duties of a store manager. I have worked in the store... more
Jacob Christ
Alison Vogler
I have worked in Frito-Lay's Canton Traffic Center this past summer. This is where all the OTR drivers work from and our job is to make every delivery on time. We manage their schedules, where they will pick up a load and where to deliver it, so that the customer gets our products on time. Frito-... more
Alison Vogler '14
Alyssa Miller
COBE classes provided me with the knowledge needed to excel and succeed in my internship with Under Armour. When it came to preparedness and leadership skills, I had a competitive advantage over fellow interns.
Alyssa Miller '14
Brooklyn Moore
I did my internship at SaniLux Trailers/Moore Custom Trailers. SaniLux is a company that manufactures high-end portable restroom trailers. Moore Custom Trailers is a company that helps customers get a custom design trailer the way they want. My duties were to produce literature, brochures,... more
Brooklyn Moore '16
Trilby Glick
I did my internship at University Directories. I went to over thirty businesses a day to speak to business owners about their potential in the Ashland University community. I would work with them to figure out which ads would work the best for them. Some major things that were accomplished were... more
Trilby Glick '14
Tessa Rose
I did my internship at Salem Golf Club. My duties were to oversee the operations of the pool, scheduling for the employees and overall making sure the pool stayed functional. I also worked a lot of banquets inside, where I would set up for the parties, serve during the parties and then tear down... more
Tessa Rose '14
Alexandra Grund
I am an international business major here at Ashland university. This summer I went to Costa Rica and finished my Spanish minor. It helped me to become a more globally-aware citizen and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It changed my life dramatically and I plan to try take... more
Allie Grund '15
Christy Fox
I am very happy with my decision to major in marketing because there are so many different directions and options I have with it. My classes in the Dauch college of business have not only given me great hands-on learning experiences, but also have opened up internship and job opportunities for me... more
Christy Fox
Joyce Badertscher
The Dauch College of Business and Economics holds strong connections with many great companies, and these have helped me land two internships with the J.M. Smucker Company before my junior year. These experiences have challenged me and helped me develop into a business professional, while... more
Joyce Badertscher '15
Kate Eckels
I interned at the J.M. Smucker company this summer and will be working for them post graduation. Also, I am in the Eagle Investment Group. Being a finance major and economics minor, I was able to learn so much from my peers and professors. The Dauch College of Business and Economics set me up with... more
Kate Eckels '14
Gavin Mawhorr
I did my internship experience at Edward Jones Investments in Zanesville, Ohio. I scheduled and participated in meetings, interacted with clients and assisted the financial adviser with research. I learned how to manage my time, interact with all types of people, and I learned what it takes to be... more
Gavin Mawhorr '14
Michael Gase
I did my internship for product based companies, MTD products inc, Peerless Saw. I created spreadsheets, conducted time studies, entered data into spreadsheets, and looked for improvements in existing spreadsheets. I discovered more efficient processes for operating lasers for peerless and... more
Michael Gase '16
Tylor Matheson
I completed an internship with University Directories. I held morning and evening meetings, connected to webinar, met with business owners in the Ashland/Mansfield area, followed up with business owners, signed and collected contracts, uploaded contracts every evening, and mailed contracts to the... more
Tylor Matheson '14
Melany Bagnola
I did an internship with Ecolab in St. Paul, Minnesota. I worked alongside a successful Territory Manager to learn customers‘ operations, understand their cleaning challenges and devise solutions to meet their needs. I gained exposure to the industry including hotel, restaurants, hospitals,... more
Melany Bagnola '14
Mariah Marshall
I did my internship at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Jo-Ann is a leading retailer in the fabric and craft industry. I worked at the Jo-Ann corporate office, where there are over 800 employees. I was the space planning/inventory management intern. My project was to propose a new planogram... more
Mariah Marshall '14
Kayla Schlarb
Lakeside Chautauqua is a non-profit organization. During my internship, I communicated with clients to plan over 400 events, gave tours of prospective guests, relayed information to departments for these events to take place, ordered inventory for event team, and processed payments. I planned and... more
Kayla Schlarb '14
Angie Phillips
Sugar Cupcakery is an organic cupcake shop that is located in Old Milford but targets the higher-end clientele of greater Cincinnati. The cupcake flavors change daily with whatever ingredients are in season and can be made to order. Sugar also makes gluten-free cupcakes and vegan cupcakes for those... more
Angie Phillips '15
Kristy Phillips
Directions Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in the state of Ohio. The office in which I work is not a branch, but rather an office building that houses the loan department and business development for the Central Ohio region. As the Events Management Intern, I was responsible for... more
Kristy Phillips '14
Jake Gonci
During my internship at the Fastenal Company, I received in shipments, fulfilled orders, completed invoices and quotes, navigated Oracle cloud computing system, misc. It helped me communicate effectively in writing and orally using appropriate vocabulary, grammar and technology. I used general... more
Jake Gonci '14
Hannah Smith
As a marketing major at AU, I have found myself extremely lucky to have the opportunities I do at Ashland. The staff, courses, organizations and facilities prepared me for my internship this summer at Cedar Point. During my Cedar Point internship, I helped promote events happening around Cedar... more
Hannah Smith '15
Alicia Casselberry
At Directions Credit Union, I learned how the overall operations of a financial institution work from the teller line to the back offices. I had hands on experience working with a branch manager and learning the importance of each department in the credit union.
Alicia Casselberry '14